Friday, October 25, 2013

Pictures from Day 1 in London

First English Toilet

It is the best feeling to be able to have PUBLIC RESTROOMS!

Outside of our train station

Hyde Park


How amazing is this place? 

Me and Krista

Guys, this is Noelle. Cutest/funniest girl around. 

The famous Peter Pan statue. 

The coolest park of all time. 

Buckingham Palace

It was honestly such a great day. 

And yesterday, was arguably one of the greatest day of my life. So many great things. Ahh man, my mouth was sore from smiling so much. I lost some of my voice. I have never laughed so much so hard that I was constantly trying to hold in pee and wipe tears from my face. 

Sheesh, I never want to leave London. Ahh, I will write more detail about my awesome day, but right now, I got to go have another adventure. 

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