Thursday, October 24, 2013

Parle-vous Anglais?


This girl!!

Imagine huge arrows pointing to my head with big bright lights. And why don’t I care that people know that? That I am American. That I speak English??


The relief of coming out of the Chunnel and reading English signs…
I don’t know if any of you can relate, but it’s pretty much like going from walking in the dark for two months, and finally seeing the light…yep, it’s pretty great.

I walked out of St. Pancras Station and immediately fell in love with London.

Again, I’m not sure if it’s because I feel comfortable, safe, secure and oh, I can understand people, but I love it. Every time we were lost and confused, I had a realization. I can ask for help in ENGLISH!! And I will understand their response. Okay, I am really punching at this point. Really though, heavenly moment.        
The only bad part was walking 4 miles to our hostel, with huge back packs . I kept us going by passing out chocolate every once and a while. It’s how the Mormons deal with problems.

And then this guy saw us looking at the map, and offered to show us where it was. He acted like it was close and it wasn’t really. Then he asked for money…ahh the nerve of some people. We barely had time to respond before he started walking fast taking us in the direction we needed to go. It made me angry because people are really going good at taking advantage of your trust. So, I guess I was conned in London. But hey, at least I could understand what the man was saying to me.

After arriving in the hostel, we all crashed on the floor. I threw down my backpack, in utter exhaustion. I just got money taken from me. Paid for a little weird hostel, with wet paint signs on some of the walls. What they didn’t tell say was…Watch out for EVERY WALL! Yes, every single one. The stairs are so windy and little and they just kept going up and up and up. By the time we arrived I had wet paint all over my jacket and pain coming from every muscle. All three of us just laid on the floor, and instead of crying, just laughed. And laughed and laughed. Really, every problem just seemed hilarious. Good times.

And after taking a two hour nap, we were refreshed and ready to take London by storm. And guys, IT WAS LIKE MY DREAM LAND OF HAPPINESS. We are staying right across from Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens. We just explored the park and kept talking about how happy we were. Complete happiness. It was gorgeous. The English style park is so different. Pathways are sporatic and not perfectly symmetrical.  Free nice bathrooms. I haven’t been in one of these for soooo long. The trees are not square. You are allowed to walk on the grass. The water is clear and full of millions of different kinds of birds. Miraculous. Enough said.

Then, we explored a little more looking for food and happiness. And boy, did we find it! How about Buckingham Palace? And sitting across from it eating peanuts and listening to the song “Royals” by Lord. It’s prime time. Ah…guys I love London. I love it. The weather was perfect. The air was clean. I understood everything. I am worried by how much fun I am having.

Really though, we just walked down Oxford Street and found our way to Primark. Life changing. I wanted everything. And this is not my usual self. I just went wild and bought the things I wanted. Not necessarily the most practical for my mission or for my future life. But I was in the moment, and sometimes that is good enough. To just enjoy.  I won’t regret the memory or the money.

Seriously, I can’t wait for the days ahead….I will keep you guys updated the best I can. And when I have more time, I will post the pictures. 


  1. Oh that is so awesome that you get to speak English for a while. I'm laughing so hard about the wet paint. So proud of you for going for it at Primark. It's good to be unpractical once in a while. As John Steinbeck would say, "Live fiercely!" Melanie and I and Grandma went shopping today and bought most of your missionary clothes. You can never have too many cardigans, right?

    Love you!

    1. Hey thanks Mom! I had the best day yesterday too. Les Miserable was awesome! Everything here is just too great! You got me mission clothes? Man, that makes me so happy! Thanks soo much! Ah, makes me less worried when things are getting taken care of!