Friday, October 4, 2013

Little more and a little better

Being on the beaches where the D-Day invasion happened really helped me understand World War 2 a little better. I mean, honestly, I cannot say that I can relate to the suffering and pain of that war. I wasn't alive for it. Who am I to say I understand what it must have been like? But I got a little glimpse, in that it made the war real. It hit me that the people that died here were real, and not just an event in a history book. Too many things have just been preached to me out of a textbook.

We also got to visit the German cemetery. It had a really solemn and dark feeling. I thought it might have been painful to bury the soldiers of the enemy. I don't know if I could do it.

This is my director and his wife. (Capturing cute moments)

It was a cool experience to be able to respect all those who gave their lives in World War 2. 

After this, we head on the bus to the town of Bayeux. And believe me, we have some pretty great times on the bus. Super philosophical conversations are going on at all times. 

Like we discussed who each person's Disney character would be.....(I am Jane from Tarzan.)

Or...what each person would be like if they were drunk....(I am the quiet one who know one knows until I start busting out awkward dance moves.)

Or....who is going to be the most awkward after the mission...(I won!) 

Great award to win right?? And it wasn't even a debate. Everyone said my name right of the bat.

It literally is too much fun. It is a lot of laughing, sleeping, eating, and more laughing. 

And once we landed in Bayeux it got even better! It was POURING RAIN. Literally, the streets were just loaded with water. My friends Krista, Alyssa and I, took the storm by storm. 

This is the SUPER SWEET Cathedral in the rain.

This is Krista. We were pretty darn soaked.

We sat on benches and watched the lightening storm. EPIC!!

And this is the "C'est la vie" Fountain

We named it that after we got in!!

It was such a fun moment. We just happened upon this fountain in the middle of a square with nobody around. So what did we do? Take off our shoes and rolled up our pants/skirt. Fountain time. 

C'est la VIE!!!!

Exploring Bayeux was an experience of a lifetime. I was wet but happy. Really happy!


  1. Ha ha ha That C'est La Vie fountain made me laugh out loud! I'm so happy to hear that you are letting loose and spreading your wings and dancing (in the rain). And I'm happy you are Jane from Tarzan. It could be worse. But they got the drunk thing all wrong. You would be the one sobbing in the corner. ha ha We just went to dinner with Mel and Chad and Grandma and they said they LOVE your blog. They all think you are a little Crash Test Dummy. woohhooo!

  2. Oh, and I forgot to say that I am excited you to feel the reverence of World War II up close and personal.