Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Let's Do It!

Life has gotten loads more interesting with this new philosophy I have adopted. It is called the "Let's Do It!"

At the beginning of the program, everyone didn't really know what to do, or wanted to save the cool things to the end. Well, what I didn't realize was that, TIME FLIES!! There are so many things I have wanted to do but haven't. So, instead of waiting for the world, I am taking charge. I just go and do. And hey, if something cooler comes up, I will do that. I like to think of it like this: Less Thinking and More Doing.

And hey, this week has been great because of it.

Yesterday, my History class was taught outside as well, and my teacher took us around to important sites of the French Revolution. Can I just say, BEST WAY TO LEARN!! Standing in the spot where the Tulieries Palace used to stand and discussing how it held Louis the 16th and Marie Antoinette before their deaths is just....Well, let's just say this, I don't know how I am going to go back to sitting in a classroom and learning.

After class, my friends and I went for lunch at a Bagel shop. I got the best tasting Bagel full of chicken, tomatoes, sauce, and pickles. And I got addicted to Nutella. So, I got myself a Nutella filled Bagel. Can you imagine the greatness? Let me show you some of this:

Krista and I thought it would be fun to go shopping in these little boutique shops by the Notre Dame. We looked at eachother and said "Let's Do It." So we did. And I got this dress for 10 Euros. Steal of a deal! I just did it. Just bought it. Less thinking, more doing. And I felt alive.

Then, I broke off from the group and went exploring in the city. I knew the Pantheon was in a general direction, and then just went for it. Just explored and might I add, I actually did find it! I went inside for the first time, and it was pretty cool. Victor Hugo, Alexander Dumas, Marie and Pierre Curie are all buried there.

And then I thought, "lets go read in the Luxumberg Garden"
 So, I did it. It was going so perfectly. I saved some of my Nutella Bagel for a good moment. And this was a good moment....until it was ruined by a French Man. He looked mostly normal, with weirdness in his eyes. Probably in his late 20's or early 30's.  He started saying something to me in French, and I wanted to yell, "Can you not see I am eating Nutella heaven and having a moment??" But instead I tried to avoid and said, "No parle francais." Important Note: Most French people speak English. So then he says in English, " Oh, well what I said was, Can I sit next to you for a few moments?" Then my mind was screaming, "Seriously! No one respects a Nutella Moment."

But my politeness kicked in, and all I said was "Sure." And then I started of thinking of ways to get out this situation. I tried so hard to act disinterested, and just annoyed. He wasn't getting it. But then, LIGHT BULB MOMENT. Right as he started talking about how lonely he was in France...I finished my last bite of Nutella goodness and said, "I am sorry about that, but I actually just came here to eat. So, I gotta go."

Saved by Nutella!

And then I continued to wander towards a metro station where I headed back home. It was fun to explore the city on my own. It was my first time. I liked it, except I forgot that I always had a talent for attracting creepers....haha

Today, was a very "Let's Do It" kind of a day. After class in the Louvre, Krista and I did some fun things like:

Should we take a cheesy tourist picture at the Louvre when no one is looking?


Should we walk around in the rain?

(the original lock bridge)


Should we go into St. Chapelle?


Saint Chapelle is actually an amazing little church. It is built into the old palace that was used for Kings in the 10th through 14th century. Saint Louis (also a King) asked for it to be built, and it housed tons or relics. Specifically, the Crown of Thorns (Most relics were destroyed in the Revolution). And all the stain glass windows tell a different bible book story in chronological order. So you start at Genesis, then the next panel and on and on.

Should we sit at the park by the Seine River and do homework?


And lets be real here, doesn't it sound really irresponsible? Just doing whatever? I think that's what I like about it. I am always responsible. I found out a few days ago that I am the youngest one here on the program. I hadn't really considered that, and it hit me....I AM SO YOUNG! Why do I act so old? Am I taking life too fast? Time is flying! I don't want to rush through life. And so I decided it's time to think a little less, and do a little more! 

Oh, and that is my dress I bought yesterday. I felt the most like Tatum I have ever felt. That sounds so ridiculous, but nobody knows me here. I can be whoever I want. And the Paris way is really growing on me. I'm loving it more and more every day. 


Here are pictures my friends gave me of my Midnight in Paris. Even the Camera looks drugged...

The famous street that is in the movie. 


  1. What a great way to start the morning--to wake up and find your post. They just keep getting better and better. I absolutely love this one. YOUR new DRESS IS FABULOUS! YOUR new TIGHTS and BOOTS are FABULOUS! Your new ATTITUDE is FABULOUS! I love it all.

  2. I noticed the fabulous dress right away!