Friday, October 25, 2013

Druken Happiness

I realized that I sound like a brat. I mean literally, I feel guilty sometimes writing about my day, like it's no big deal. Oh man, I probably sound like a brat.

But guys, really guys, London is just soooo great! Everything and everything just makes me so happy.

Why you ask?

A combination of things:

1. I can understand absolutely everything for the first time in a long time.
2. I am with some of my favorite people on the program.
3. I have no stress, no school...(at least that I care about).
4. British accents are the best thing.
5. The weather has been perfect.

To start of the day, we bought a Tube pass and headed to the Tower of London. They aren't kidding when they say Tube. It is literally a Tube. We walked around the Tower of London, because quite frankly, who the heck can afford to pay almost 40 american dollars on one place? Well, if you can, you should probably donate to my charity or something...sheesh.

But hey, beautiful area. All the stores have tons of Queen and Princess toys. It is a fun atmosphere. I loving going off about pounds and realize that there is a Queen of this country...haha.

The Tower Bridge is so stunning. Huge towers that connect the bridge together. Then, we found the Southwark Cathedral, which happens to be the place that William Shakespeare and John Harvard used to attend. So cool, and guys, the English people are so stinking friendly. This nice old man told us all the facts about the place. And oh, I can actually understand the signs I read about the history. Oh my, oh my, I am so grateful for that.

After that, we hit up the Borough Market. LIFE CHANGING. It's pretty much a market full of good food. They have samples up front and then you can decide to buy it. I had the best Basalmic Italian Vinegar. I almost actually bought it. I bought juice. A steak monster sandwich. A strawberry cheesecake. And my favorite story: This British man suckered me into buying Fudge. Literally, I cannot refuse them. With their accents and the fact I can understand it. I am mesmerized. I bought Fudge. Then, we all laughed at the ridiculous amount of money we just spent. But it was the best time. I was enjoying myself so much. It was crazy!

We ate our food along the Thames River, and in front of the Globe Theater. Pretty cool, and just how I imagined it would look. As we kept walking down, I bought myself a London 2013 Christmas Ornament to make me feel better about being away from my family for the first time this Christmas.

Finally, we went up the famous Christopher Wren monument that was built to remember the Great Fire of 1666 and the rebuilding of the city. 311 steps. Painful steps. But it was all worth it at the top. Plus, I even got a certificate at the bottom for proof of completion. Nothing beats a real-life certificate.

After that, we went back to our hostel to get ready to see Les Miserable. Oh man, we were so excited. We all got all dressed up in our new dresses from Primark. It was nice, because in Paris, we never really get to be all together like in a dorm.

Off we went into Soho. Which I decided is pretty much the Times Square of London. It is so crazy awesome, with all the lights and theaters and people. The Book of Mormon play is the most famous play out there. Remember this fact for later...

After getting some food in China Town, we took our seats in Queens Theater. Oh my, oh my! It was a real-life English theater. And the whole play was so great. It had a simple set and really focused more on the words then on the set and effects. But it was really cool, and I just LOVE the play. Plus, knowing the history better really helps me connect to the French story. (This past week, I learned where the Les Miserable battle was based off of in real French history. I walk through that area almost every day.)

We were obsessed with Marius, and successfully got his signature after the play.  And Eponine's. And Fautines. And the little boy-Ga Roche. I am so tired, I can't look up the spellings. Sorry guys. But it was weird, like the actors just sneak out, and there is like a crowd of 5 people to see them. Opposite of America. They aren't a big deal at all. Just too cool!

Then, when we were taking Tourist pictures in front of the theater...and this guy comes up to us trying to get us to go into this club. Haha, we were like...nah. We just went to Les Mis etc etc. But he started telling us about all the plays, and how Book of Mormon is the best play. Apparently, it's the hardest to get into. They are like triple the price of Les Miserable. And that it is so dang funny.

And the priceless expression when he found out we were Mormon. He laughed for so long. It was so great and funny. Oh man, too good.

And, I can't refuse the we went dancing. It was on a whim, and this man, "Walle" took care of us and bought us a round of Cokes. It was hilarious and awesome. First European dancing experience. It was actually really fun and made lots of friends. Actually French friends. The French are way nicer in England, then they are in France.

Afterwards, we journeyed back home. We walked past the London Eye and Big Ben. It was such a crazy crazy day. Laughing, laughing, smiling and more smiling. And English. I never thought I would miss English. I really miss English.

Anyways, Cheers for now!

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  1. ha ha ha I am laughing at the thought of you not being able to resist the Brittish accent and getting suckered into going dancing. So cute. We have found your weakness.

    It is so fun to read how much fun you are having. What a wonderful week for you! Best week ever, it sounds like.