Sunday, October 20, 2013


I will apologize in advance for no pictures lately...long story short. I broke a girls camera this week and until I get her a new one, I am letting her use mine. So I have pictures, but she has the camera.

Anyways, I thought I would tell you a little about the best birthday of my life. 

Started off bright and darn early. 5:30 am. I felt dead. Taking a shower didn't wake me up. Skyping my family with no sound, did not wake me up. Walking to the metro at 6:30 am did not wake me up, and by the lack of people around, I don't think anyone else was awake either. 

Getting lost and running around the streets of Paris to find some tennis courts...yep that did it. I was up. And I was 19. How did I get this old? Anyways, after 45 minutes of that, I found my professor and tried to pretend I wasn't embarrassed. But hey, the courts were wet, and dangerously slippery so it was fine. Right?
Literally though, imagine playing tennis courts on a wet trampoline. It's hard stuff. Watching us play was like a comedy. I was just laughing at the fact that we weren't grunting out of exhaustion, but terror. The terror kicks in when you slide 3 feet across the court. Man, still fun though. Good way to start the day. 

Then, I ran home to meet up with my roommate for lunch. When I came home she had some balloons blown up, some strawberry belts, a nice note, and my personal favorite: non-alcoholic sparkling cider. It says its for little kids, oh the French. Big kids can be sober too. 

It made my day though, it was such a nice gesture that I didn't see coming. We ate lunch at Monceau Park. And it was semi-healthy because I ate a salad alongside some chocolate. Monceau Park is the one park that is by our house that I fantasized about going to before I came on this trip. Month and half later....found it!

After that, I met up with my study abroad at the Opera Garnier for a private tour. It was so sweet inside. The history is pretty interesting, and guess who lives there....the Phantom. I saw his famous must be real!

But the best part of the far...was being lucky enough to have people willing to hang out with me at the top of the Eiffel Tower. Lots of people joined in on that idea...not sure why...but they must of liked me lots or something...

IT WAS AWESOME!!! You are just so high, it's ridiculous. And you just look down on everything...everything. The people below look like a mini-village that I bought at the store and can re-arrange to my hearts desire. The Arc de Triomphe looks like a midget, or a dwarf. I just kept saying to myself...I am 19...I am on top of the Eiffel Tower...What is my life right now...REALLY???

And then all my friends started singing Happy Birthday to me. And then lots of people at the top started to join in. Moment to remember. 

Then..I felt a tap on my I turned around...

And there stood a little blond girl with her hands clutched around a little Eiffel Tower keychain. And she gave it to me. I was shocked. What a random act of kindness from a complete stranger. 

And then her friend gave me a leaf, and a branch. It was darling. 

I went over to the family after, and asked where they were from. The dad was the only one who spoke English because they were from Russia. He was super cool and nice. The daughter gave me another Eiffel Tower key chain. Really? Why are you so giving? Literally, she wasn't told to do it or anything. She just did. 

Then the dad started saying words in Russian. I was lost. But then he said with a smile, "Be Happy."

I guess it's a tradition in Russia to wish something for people on their birthday and that is what he wished for me. Best Birthday Present Ever!!! 

Smile and Be Happy has always been my saying, and it was like something in the universe was telling me happy birthday. I will never forget the cute little Russian family who made my birthday special. 

Or...the giant men from the Netherlands (like 6 foot 8 inches) that shook my hand and told me "Happy Birthday."

Or the view of Paris. 

Or my awesome friends who took so much effort to make my day special. They even went around and said something they like about me because they knew it was my family tradition on people's birthdays. 

It was golden. I think my life peaked. But hey, I won't complain. 

Thanks for everyone who wished me a Happy Birthday! It meant so much to me! Especially being so far away this year. I love you all! 

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  1. I can't see anything. Everything is blurry. I think there is something in my eye. .

    Give me a minute.

    Oh how perfect that someone wished you to be happy. HOW PROFOUND. Someone in the universe has a clever sense of humor. I bet all your guardian angels were giggling and giving each other high fives.

    What a wonderful birthday!!! I'm so happy you go to experience that.