Sunday, September 29, 2013

Pulling a Strasbourg!!

Sometimes, you just decide to Pull a Strasbourg!

And sometimes, it's the best decision you ever make.

Even if I had to wake up at 4:45 am to catch a train, and hide from creepers on the metro.

It was freaking early!!

But I was super giddy. We all were. We just kept saying, "Guys, we are pulling a Strasbourg!" I don't know why, but it was such a good moment. It could have been because this was our first trip by ourselves. No BYU director. No Host Mom. We were responsible for getting there ourselves, and it was a rush of excitement and fear. 

But we made it safe, and had such a great day! 

The cutest bakeries. I wanted it all. I guess, I should say the most tempting bakeries. 

All the sudden...BAM!!! 

Strasbourg Cathedral.

I really loved this Cathedral. It all started this summer when I was watching Zero Hour with my family and they went here to figure out this mystery. Inside there is a famous clock, where the apostles switch every hour with time. 

Anyways, It was really cool, the ceilings weren't as high, and it was darker lighting. There were candle chandeliers hanging down all along the center. The stain glass windows were actually at eye level, in the most beautiful rainbow colors. I lit a candle here as well, it's becoming tradition. 

Look! The famous clock!! Horrible lighting though...sorry!

Man, I have a church for reals! 

There were little markets all over the streets. 

And cute little stores full of heart Christmas ornaments and classic boxes from the old days. With French music playing all through out. Too good, just too good. 

In Paris, all I have heard is American Music. So it felt like I was actually in France in this town with cobblestone walkways, french music, and little markets through the streets. 

And then we made it to the River, and walked along it taking many bridge photos.

Just a forewarning...

I warned you. The River was really a cool and central part of town. 

Gotta enjoy the sandwichs here. They beat Subway by MILES!!

Funny picture...but hey...I'm eating a Caramel Eclair!!! Oh man, DELICIOUS!

Okay, I have to admit, we were seriously considering hoping over into Germany. The border was 15 minutes away...we could have taken a bus. We could have walked. We could have went to Kehl, Germany. 

But then we thought...we could get sent home for breaking the rules. 

We could get sent to Kehl, for not doing the right thing. Oh, Kehl!

And then, we just make Kehl jokes for the rest of the day instead...

I took this picture because "Coucou" is my favorite thing French people say. I wish you could hear what it sounds like.

This bridge was in the part of town called La Petite France. It was the older part of town with little houses. We got on top of this bridge and it overlooked the rest of the city. 

Sometimes, looking at these pretty things like no big deal, I feel ungrateful. Like really, is this my life? Am I really just jumping from city to city looking at AWESOMENESS

I never understood why Kings in the old days used to take over town after town. But now I know why. They felt like a conqueror. And after walking around the whole town from 10am to 7pm...I came out feeling like a conqueror! 

Classic couple. 

Seriously, even the dogs appreciating the beauty!

I just wanted to end with "Happy Sunday Everyone" in the dress my host mom gave me! 

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  1. Oh I love it. Everything is so adorable and quaint and you look so cute and I love your hair natural, and your red earrings and your shoes and your sandwich and your yellow bag, and your bridge photos, and most especially your yellow dress. You look lovely in it. And pulling a Strasburg! Good one. Now I need to go pull a chicken stirfry for dinner.