Wednesday, September 25, 2013




Because it's not everyday that a girl gets to play tennis....

Wait...I mean that it's not every day that a girl gets to play tennis in Paris...

Oh man, I forgot something...

It's not everyday that a girl gets to play tennis in Paris on CLAY COURTS.

On my way there, I have never felt so under dressed. I mean, just picture me in my normal sport attire. Blue tennis shorts, black T-shirt, and red beat up running shoes. Then, picture me standing next to beautiful French women in the latest fashion, making it look easy. Oh, and they are wearing high heels.

In the U.S, I'm sure the courts would be in some nice area, in some super crazy club house, that you have to pay an arm and a leg to use. It was crazy to just go out to this little town in the North East of Paris, and walk upon these clay courts. I mean, really in the middle of a random park, in a random area.

I went with my Professor, and seriously, it was so FREAKIN AWESOME to walk on, what felt like holy ground.

Not going to lie, it is hard. The ground is so slippery! I would try to hit the ball, but my feet were still going...and when I would run up to the net, I couldn't stop. It took loads of muscle! Which I haven't used in ages, so it was a kick in the butt. But, it was so fun to try and learn from the court. Like which way was best, how to keep steady and actually hit a good ball. do I say this?

I mean, I never feel like the cool girl. In a group of people, I am not like, "Oh ya, I am the cool girl that everyone wants to be." But in that moment, playing tennis here, I felt COOL! Call me self righteous, but it's true. It could arguably be the first time that I felt cool.

And when you finally get in the groove, it just feels good. I forgot how good it felt to play sports.

Also, I forgot that I always hit my thigh when I make a mistake. Or, I forgot that when I get really tired I start making the awkward grunting noise that people always make fun of.

But hey, today I realized that I never reward myself when I do something good. And again, call me self righteous, but everyone needs to celebrate their success sometimes. Because if we don't, we will only remember all the times we failed.

Today, on the court, I kept picturing my dad on the other side. I realized how much time and energy he put into teaching me, but mostly supporting me. I could hear his voice giving me pointers on how to play a better game. I am so grateful that I know how to play tennis. It's hard to explain, but when everything around you is foreign and unknown, it feels good to know something.  And I know tennis, because of my dad. Because of all the times he took me out to the tennis courts, and never let me quit. And even though, I would make myself sick worrying about my upcoming tennis match, he never let me quit. I am so grateful, but mostly lucky, because without him, I would have never learned to face the game.  And I wouldn't be who I am today.

On the magnificent clay courts, I was just having all these intense thoughts, which helped me play better I think, actually.

Or sometimes, I have intense thoughts, when my Host Mom gives me artichoke for dinner. What the..HUGE!! I have never seen one, but sheesh, its a freaking dinosaur egg with petals. It took forever eating layer after layer. And to think, the saying is "layers of an onion." No, no, no. It should be layers of an artichoke, because I can testify that there are ten times more.

Or sometimes, I have intense thoughts, while taking my French Final. The kind where you are switching between praying for help and cursing the questions.

Or sometimes, I have intense thoughts, when I am in a hot metro, sweaty, and smelling up the area around me. Some people might feel embarrassed, but you need to understand something.

There is always a crazy person on the Metro.

And today, I got the honor of being that crazy person.

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