Sunday, September 15, 2013


Sorry I haven't blogged in a few days, but my Host Mom decided to take me and my roomie down to Normandy. So I'm sorry, but not really THAT sorry ha.

After school on Friday, we hoped into the car with my favorite man, Jean Claude and Elizabeth down to her Fishermans cottage. It was about a two hour drive. We arrived into the cutest little town called Trouville. And get this. Across the bridge there is the town of Deauville. I am obsessed with these little towns.

The first thing I noticed when I got out of the car was how quiet it was. Paris is loud and full of life. But this was peaceful and full of wonder.

My Little Room

I would call Alyssa and I, official explorers with some darn good luck. We never knew where we were headed, or what we were doing, or where we were and it turned out wonderful.

There is nothing like having NO TIME CONSTRAINT, NO DIRECTION,  AND NO PURPOSE. I mean it isn't healthy to do all the time, but it is needed every once in a while.

Here is what we discovered on our journey:

My favorite little church. It was breath taking right when you walked in. There wasn't a soul in it. It was small and simple and completely devoted to God. I keep learning that my favorite things are the least famous and with not very many people. 

Beautiful building after beautiful building. They all had cool wood paneling on the outside with different colors. 

I just have to say, to load those nine pictures it took an hour...that's how much I love you all. Let's see how much more I can get out...

This is the Trouville Beach. Look at how deserted it is??

Well...granted it was pretty cold and windy. 

Oh, did I mention rainy? Ha, this is probably my favorite picture of the trip. I feel like this explains my life. Hungry, so taking pride in my first pudding cup...that is pure liquid chocolate. rocking my BYU sweat jacket. Trying to stay using it to cover my head. Too good!

But oh my, I love the beach here. Sheesh, I have missed the sounds and the feeling. Man, and who can beat chilling at a beach by yourself? I will take that any day. 

These are the little fisherman boats that you see, while crossing the bridge into Deauville. 

Day 2:

I love houses covered in vines. They inspire me. I WILL retire in one of these homes, okay?

Gorgeous hill up in Deauville. 

Whenever I say Deauville or Trouville, it makes me so happy! I feel like they are my towns. Well, I swear I walked every inch of it (close to) and saw only a few people. My kind of town. 

And here we are at the Deauville Beach:

They had a whole boardwalk of famous who had been there. From Matt Damon, Ryan O'Neal, George Lucas etc... 

Oh and in my hand is the ice cream cone I bought because I had to use the bathroom. First world problems.

It was just so darn peaceful. My land of tranquility. Next time...I will make sure I have a jacket though haha. 


This beach is where all the famous Americans hang out apparently. And lots of other the summer! I felt like I had personally reserved the coast of Normandy to myself...and I did that without being rich or famous:)

And even though it was 45-50 degrees...YOLO!!!


What the heck? Random citizen ruining my moment...haha

And After:

We walked all the way back to our house in shorts and no shoes. Everyone was looking at us like we were crazy people...and we kinda were. I hope they made some good jokes in French about us. 

Oh my! At 8 o'clock, our host mom made us a gourmet sea food dinner like I have never had before. Fishy snails, oysters, raw fish and shrimp (with heads and legs).  The snails were the hardest for me to eat. Jean Claude gave me the biggest one, and I was chewing it for ten minutes. It was like I was being suffocated with yuckiness. I spit some out in my napkin, and finally was able to swallow. My gag response was on HIGH ALERT!

The oysters weren't half bad though. They weren't half good either. You squeeze juice from a fresh lemon on top and then SLURP it up! It is a experience for a lifetime.

The salmon and shrimp were great actually. It was just different to cut off the head of the shrimp, and stuff. Everyone piled high the shrimp on my plate haha. These are the after pictures...

 Don't worry, we took these ourselves with no embarrassment was caused during this.

Day 3:

Alright everyone...are you ready for this?

Guess who got a jacket??

She is standing in front of the sign that talks about Long Buts!

Oh wait...that's me!!

Sorry...couldn't resist!

It was the best weather on the third day. We walked up into the hills of town. It was a stunning view. We just paraded around in the middle of streets, taking it all in. It was perfect. Then, we walked all along the beach and settled down to eat lunch. My camera died, so Alyssa took some other pictures which I will have to add later.

Sorry, this post is 10 years long.

But, I love Trouville and Deauville. In my heart, they will always be there, as the places I first explored with an open heart, and open mind. Wandering without worry of being lost.

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  1. Awesome! I have missed your posts! So fun to see you connecting to these loverly little towns. So quaint. I am always drawn to that kind of town too. And yes, what is better than not knowing where you are or where you are going? This is exactly the kind of experience you need. I laughed a lot in this one. Gotsta show it to dad and the boys.