Sunday, September 1, 2013

My Host Mom

I don't know if I'm completely crazy, but meeting and living with a complete a LITTLE unsettling. Then, you have to add the fact that there is a language barrier. Yep, all I wanted to do was hide in a corner and wait til the 3 months was over. Luckily, some how my legs kept moving and somehow I ended up at Apartment 16.

The woman that came out was stunningly beautiful and stunningly French. She was dressed in a coral colored fitted dress. She has a such a vibrancy for life. Her French was amazing and my head didn't quite make out almost 90 percent of it. She was shocked we were Mormons and that we weren't fluent in French. Well, if I didn't feel dumb before I did now. Nodding and smiling and PRAYING got me through it. Her apartment is so classy and just truly what you would picture a French house to be like. I am not good at describing it, but here are some pictures of my room!

With my stuff in it, it is hard to tell how dang cute it is. There are two beds, but Alyssa has her own room next to mine. My host mom said I can bring a friend over after I go dancing...(she didn't know I was Mormon yet.)

Okay, so let me introduce you to my Host Mom. Her name is Elizabeth. She is actually so nice and helpful. Although, at first it was hard because we could tell she was disappointed we didn't speak better, she means well. She called up her boyfriend (or at least that's what she called it. She meant friend who is a guy) and he took us on a tour around Paris. Paris driving is like a roller coaster....except you are not guaranteed safety. 

Here they are showing us around! Isn't she just gorgeous? I love her laugh. She reminds me of a child, completely happy. 

Notre Dame

Me and Alyssa in front of the Saint Genevieve Cathedral. The first one we ever went into. It amazes me how much detail and beauty is contained in one place. SO COOL!

The man (I don't know his name still) wanted to take a picture to show the bar in the background. He thought it was hilarious! Here you go, mom and dad:)

It is seriously too funny how weird people think we are because we don't drink beer, wine, coffee or tea. Our Host Mom calls us "Naturalists." She goes "What do you drink? Mormons sont c'est bizarre." Every out door cafe is filled with people smoking and drinking wine. They look so relaxed and happy. Not busy or rushing at all. And if anything that is what I appreciate about their lifestyle. It is all about being together.

The Pantheon

It is crazy how close everything is to each other. And beautiful. And huge. And why didn't this tradition carry over to America?

Well, there is so much happening and so little time. This is Alyssa and I getting ready to go to bed in our new home. It is overwhelming, but I figure so is everything else the first few days! Wish me luck!

P.S-I have never seen so many people making out. Random pictures coming soon......

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  1. Your photos are so beautiful! So fun to see your room and hear about where you live. Your host mom reminds me of Rutee. Keep the posts coming!