Thursday, September 5, 2013

Musee de Cluney

First off, I didn't realize my camera was dead until it was too late. So this post won't be filled with photos...or at least with photos of today.

Anyways, four hours of French reminds me of a soccer game. You start off slow, out of breath, and nervous. It takes a few minutes to get completely focused and in the swing of things. To stop over thinking and let it come naturally.

Then...the middle of the game is when you do your best. You are completely in the ZONE. Even your mistakes, can't get you down. Nothing can get into your way.

Finally, the last quarter comes around and you are just trying to finish with your best effort. It becomes hard and your legs are sore. You are counting down the minutes left, just praying you come out ahead. And when the whistle blows, you run off the field grateful to have played the game the best you could.

Every day, I feel like I won a soccer game. Or survived a battle.

And everyday after class, a bunch of us get together and explore the city. Today, we went to the Musee de Cluney. It used to be a Roman Bath back in 300 A.D or so. I loved all of the old architecture and other pieces of art. It even has a Unicorn Horn exhibit. And nothing beats that right? Ha!

All of the detail on every window, door, wall....door knob... is just amazing. It hit me that sometimes we refer to people who lived back in the day, as stupid or not as advanced as we are. But, in fact, I don't see any buildings like that being built in this time. I just can't imagine the time it would have taken to build it.

I am glad that they left a mark on the world. I can still learn from people who lived SO long ago.

What will future generations look back and say about us?

What mark will I make on the world?

Sorry, I am being too DEEP. I think crazy things when I am exhausted at the end of the day.

How about some pictures of random people making out?

These are only 2 of many....

I will end with this: There is no such thing as bad PDA in the French language.

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  1. Awesome! I love your soccer analogy. Perhaps one of the best things about this Paris adventure is your chance to practice writing about something you're excited about. You're getting so good. I love reading about your days.