Sunday, September 8, 2013

Mitt Romney

Alright, alright, alright...

So today deserves two posts. It was just a "I met Mitt Romney kind of a day!"

We were informed earlier that Mitt Romney was doing a YSA Fireside today, and so we had all planned to hang around after church to get good seats.

But not only did he have a fireside, but he CAME TO SACRAMENT!! Most exciting sacrament of my life. All the sudden my friend, Hayley, tapped my shoulder and whispered, I just saw Mitt Romney enter the building.

WHAT THE WHAT!! I was instantly excited and tried to see him. And then BAM!!! There was Mitt Romney walking into the same room as me. Only 4 rows in front of me! Ahhh, man, we were all dying. He looked like such a normal guy.

He served his mission in Paris I guess, and that is why this place is so dear to his heart. He even went up and bore his testimony in French. He was a little rusty because he said its been 45 years since his mission. But I could understand it, and that's all that matters.

He bore his testimony about how the gospel has changed his life and his heart. It was very touching and humbling to see a famous politician sharing his love for God.

After the meeting, we followed him out into the pavilion and got a crazy awesome picture with him.

GUYS--How does this happen??

It was so amazing. Just star struck I guess is a good way to put it. 

And then, we waited 3 more hours to hear him speak again at a fireside with all the youth. The little church building was packed. And then he walked in, but this time he spoke in English. I was happy about that...that's for sure. 

His message was about real success. His main point was that material and worldly success in most cases is out of our control. Business can be up to chance. Circumstances vary from person to person. But every single person can find spiritual success if they do two things: Love God and Love Our Neighbor. The greatest two commandments. It was cool to hear him express his love for the gospel and how each person can serve in their own way. It's not every day that a political leader believes the same thing as you do. 

The most ironic thing about it is that in Utah or even America it would have been almost impossible to see him or meet him or even try to brace traffic to get to an event with him in it. As soon as I leave the country, he comes to me. Not gonna was pretty cool. 

Mitt, thanks for gracing me with your presence. Hope to see you around some time. 

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