Wednesday, September 4, 2013

La Metro is Calling My Name

I realized this week one important thing:

It's okay to do things that you are just HORRIBLE at. My whole life I have avoided things that would make me look stupid or dumb. Little things tend to embarrass me and I can't forget them. I can still think of certain events that make my whole body cringe.

But hey...18 years and counting...I finally decided to GET OVER IT.

Everything here in foreign to me, and if I let little things embarrass me, I wouldn't leave my room. I have screwed up millions of times, and I haven't even been here a week. But you know what is interesting? Since I do more wrong than right, I remember the right more than the wrong.

I remember that in every metro stop there is a poster calling my name:

When I look at it, I feel like someone up above is just reminding me that I am here for a reason. And come on, who doesn't like Channing Tatum?

Seriously though, when my professor looks at me and says, "Tres Bon, Hawaii," I want to jump out of my seat, and scream out in pure happiness.If it was culturally acceptable in any country, I would dance and sing to my hearts content. Getting one thing right, is almost better than never doing anything wrong. A lot more exciting anyways...

I wish I would have learned this earlier, but hey, I learned it in France, so I'm not going to complain. 

I'm not going to complain that no one can pronounce my name here either. Not even my host mom can recognize who I am, unless I say my name HER way. Even my French teacher gave up, and nicknamed me "Hawaii." 

Oh well, what can you do right? Maybe go look at some gorgeous flowers...

Or if that doesn't help...get some Gelato?

You know what, I think the solution was going to the Jardin du Luxembourg. Yep, that was it:)

Do you see the heart shaped trees in the back?

The absolutely coolest thing about parks in Paris is that they are actually used to its FULLEST! I mean I can't remember a time where I went to a park that was actually packed and being used like it was paradise. Seriously, the playgrounds were full of happy little kids, the carousel rides were full of laughter, the tennis courts had tons of people on it, every bench was full, and even the grass was packed with people. They all looked content. It was just crazy and amazing all at the same time. My favorite people are the ones laying out trying to get a tan. 

The architecture is perfect. I stare and stare almost in disbelief. Asking myself, where are the faults? Why is every tree perfectly trimmed and aligned? How is the grass mowed in a perfect circle? How is every flower alive? Why does the light shine like I imagine it would in Heaven? If you have the answer, let me know. 

I'm still working on it....but until then...Au Revoir. 

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  1. Tatum the philosopher is emerging. ha ha. I am so happy that you are learning that it's okay to get things wrong. What a great way to learn it. Thank you France. Cest la vie!

    I remember laughing so hard when I went to England and saw people stripping down to their underwear and laying out in Hyde Park. There is something refreshing about it. ha ha

    It all looks so fun! I am so proud of you. You will be fluent soon.