Sunday, September 8, 2013

It's just the beginning


On our way to our second stop, I was sure it was going to be just okay, after everything I saw earlier. 


Literally, we pulled up to this small little town called La Roche Guyon. It was quiet, peaceful, calm and beautiful. 

(My dream house)

We pulled up in front of a hill (not the one in the picture above) and there stands the La Roche Guyon Castle.

We pretty much were free to explore to our hearts content. I mean who doesn't want to hang out in a castle?

The Front Entrance

Where important people did important things!

This was a talking hair dresser...not quite sure. But I still had to get a picture.

My favorite lamp of all time.

The beds were so little. My professor told us that it used to be that tall men were around 5'8. 

That means...take me back a few hundred years, and I would have been a Giant Warrior Women. Yep, grateful to live in this day and age for that reason alone. 

This was in the chapelle in the castle. I loved this statue of the Virgin Mary because of the orange and yellow paint behind it. I haven't seen it before, and it reminded me of the light of Christ shining through. 

Our view as I walked higher and higher up the castle. 

We are as tall as the ceiling...Tall People Problems.

Seriously, I felt like I got to discover a castle for myself. I was exploring every nook and cranny I could. No corner was untouched or hidden from my eyes. It was amazing. Tall ceilings, old wooden floors, antique rooms. 

A Pigeon House. Kinda weird/cool. All the black things you see are printed pictures of pigeons that are stuck in a hole...not quite sure why. I'm sure there is a good reason though. 

Posing like the random knight on the wall.

We kept climbing up and up and up. 


We made it to the TOP!!

The view was impeccable. Ah, once in a lifetime experience. I had two of my friends up there with me, but we got really quiet. And tried to take in our surroundings. 

I feel like my life was a movie today. Everything was too perfect and exquisite to be real life. 

These last two pictures are of me in the park just down the hill from the Castle. 


Then, once Alyssa and I walked in the door we start telling our host mom about the experience. All she says is, "It's just the beginning."


  1. Oh that is so coooool. That's like my fantasy to explore a castle in France. You are living the dream!!!!!

  2. Oh that is so coooool. That's like my fantasy to explore a castle in France. You are living the dream!!!!!