Monday, September 2, 2013

First Sunday/First Day of School

Time here goes by really fast and really slow. I feel like I have been here for years but its only been a few days. Lets see...what have I been doing with myself.

Sunday (Dimanche):

I went to church at 9:30 am and made it through 3 straight hours of trying to understand French. It was so tiring, that I swear if I didn't have 100 percent perseverance at all times, I would have passed out. It is cool to be able to slowly understand a little bit better and better. I just keep telling myself that it is not about getting it perfect, but trying and constantly improving. The sacrament was translated into Chinese and English because the ward is so diverse. Really interesting and really really cool.

For our Sunday afternoon stroll we decided to walk down the street to Notre Dame. Man, just typing that seems weird. I still can't believe I am here. Not many people can say that's what they do on Sunday Afternoons. I even met some church members from Nashville! What are the odds. Things like that make me so excited!

It is HUGE! You can't even look at it all. You have to walk around and around and stare at every detail. It is crazy!

The famous lock bridge on the outside of Notre Dame. 

Monday (Lundi):

Today, I went to my first French class. It is every day from 9 to 1, so here is where the hard work begins. It was tres interessante. Every little bit helps. This is a picture of the girls that are with me in my class:

I think we will be able to survive this class together. And if we don't, at least I will fail with people I really like! 

After class, I went on some errands. Getting a converter, buying a phone and most importantly: Chilling at the Eiffel Tower. It is incredible. The more you look, the more you appreciate. My favorite part is watching real French people just hang out there with their friends. They have such a joy and a passion for life. 

 We had more fun than we planned on. There is nothing like having a nice afternoon in a beautiful place. Couldn't ask for a better day!

Ended the day on some great French food made by my host mom. I am definitely settling in, and understanding much more about where I am and what I am doing. 

C'est la vie!

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  1. I like how you and your friend are trying to imitate the French joy and passion for life. ha ha We are all looking forward to the random make-out photos. Some of my favorite photos are random make-out photos in France.