Sunday, August 25, 2013

Saying Goodbye to Utah

So I thought saying goodbye to Utah would be a peice of cake. Not quite true... I realized all the wonderful people that come along with saying goodbye. I'm not going to lie, it made me a bit sad.

First I had to leave the MTC and when you work with people like this...

It's hard to leave them. They are so supportive and know just how to celebrate my mission call to NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE!! I will miss them for sure. 

Then I had to say goodbye to Just Because Flowers. This place is my own little sanctuary. I worked with some dang good people. Designing Flowers just brings me peace!

Which brings me to my family.....

the best dang family....


And because of my mission call, I have a week left with them in two years...

But at the same time, it is all for the best. I am on my way to live my dreams. But I couldn't have gotten there without the help of everyone in good-ole Utah.

I guess I am just grateful for all those people around me. And all they add to my life. 

Well, I'm off to New York City for a few days...

(but mostly the people that live in it)

Gotta love my Dad in the background!

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  1. WE MISS YOU SO MUCH ALREADY! We keep wondering what you are doing and hoping you are safe. It's lonely around here without you, but we are so happy you are off seeing the world and living your dreams.