Saturday, August 31, 2013

Paris Arrival

Okay...where to start...where to start...

How about with my first international toilet??

This was in my layover to Ireland:

Yep...that's me. Creeper taking pictures in the bathroom.

First Parisian toilet. A little dirtier, but hey I'M IN PARIS!!!FREAKING PARIS!!

As we were landing, the landscape of France was a lot different than what I had pictured in my head. Totally flat. Just divided into separate squares of farm land. And the only trees, I kid you not, are in the towns of people. Little divided populated sections. I think I was just shocked by the realness of it all. 

So, the whole trying to get to my hotel thing was a little scary. Not going to lie. I was supposed to meet up with 3 other girls. Only one showed up, and because France only gives you 15 minutes of Free Wifi, we had trouble communicating. We waited 3 hours extra to see if they would come. We did not want them to be stranded somewhere. But finally, we left the airport and experienced the real world!!

It was kinda cool because our shuttle driver spoke English pretty well, and he was so curious when he found out we were Mormons. He only even knew about them because I guess there is a French Cereal that makes fun of Mormons. Who knew? But it was so cool to explain to him that we aren't a secret crazy group who kills people. can't even trust Cereal boxes these days:) 

The trip was looking up..until the missionary experience threw me off, and I forgot my backpack on the shuttle....I was panicking on the inside and looking like a jet-lagged crazy American on the outside. Long story short, thank goodness French people know some English, and my BACKPACK came BACK!!

This is my face after I calmed down. I was now ready to experience some Paris. 

I walked down the street and this is what greeted me. BOOM! I just kept staring trying to decide if it was all a dream. My mind was so tired. I just looked and looked and looked. 

On the bright side, I got hit on by my first ever FRENCH MAN!!! And guess what? He was even at least 42 years old. Shorter than me. And Holding a beer in his hand. Sometimes in life you just get lucky:) 

Too bad I had other obligations, or else I could have accepted his offer and went with him to get a drink....

Then, me and some of the girls went exploring and decided to chill out and sit on the bank of the Siene River. 

Here is how cool they are:

I can tell we are all going to get along already! Everyone is so fun and nice. I was super surprised about it actually!

Our first French meal: Millefeuille d'aubergines et ricotta creme d'olives noires

Not only a mouthful to say but to eat as well. It is pretty much olive frosting, cheese middle, and eggplant everywhere else. I pretended it was a Fatboy and I got most of it down:)

Second Course: Entrecote de boeuf
So delicious!! Steak with a melted tomato and herb sauce. I couldn't get enough. 

And for Dessert: Creme brulet au chocolat (there are accents on the letters but I can't figure out how to put them on.) 

So in English: AWESOMENESS!!

Couldn't help but eat it all.

Alyssa and I, after the dinner.
 Fancy Smancy and so tasty. 
Great start to this new journey!

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  1. Oh my! Olive frosting over eggplant!?! (that's an interobang. You taught me that. ;)

    I am loving all the food pics.