Saturday, August 31, 2013

My Late New York City Post!!

With no phone, no internet and a dead computer...posting is...IMPOSSIBLE!

But lets go back a few days to my time in NYC. I visited my friend Ilyssa from BYU. She is pretty much the coolest thing that ever came to Utah. 

Every day, it felt like I had marched across the whole state. I took way too many pictures, so lets just do the highlights:

Day 1: 

World Trade Center Memorial:

Hot Indian Restaurant: (with crazy awesome lights)

Washington Square Park:

(They pretend to be like Paris)

Hanging out in a fountain=BEST FEELING 

Gotta love the Book of Mormon Musical (well the poster at least...)

 The one and only TIME SQUARE:

Day 2:

Since Ilyssa was in class, I went to Central Park. I decided to conquer the subway system by myself. I felt like I went back 100 years, with no phone and no internet. It really is just a massive alone feeling. 

I did just about everything wrong. Wrong stop. Got off too early. Started going downtown on accident when I needed to go uptown. 

But through this, I learned how to buy a map, how to ask for help, how to read a map, and how to laugh at myself. And when I found Central Park, I was on a high!! I have never felt so proud of myself. 

Not even the pouring rain storm and thunder cracking up in the sky could take me down. Instead, I bought some fruit, found myself a nice bench by a pond in Central Park and pondered the purpose of life! It was a moment completely my own, and one I will never forget. 

(Sorry if it looks like I am taking selfies. But when you are trying to document by yourself it happens.)

After this whole adventure, I went around with Ilyssa for one last night on the town.

Chocolate Pizza!

(Williamsburg Bridge)
Day 3:

My last day here, I got go to Oceanside in Long Island to see where my friend had grown up. It was such a cool little town. And once again it was hard to say goodbye...

Love ya Lyss!!!

I loved everyone of these places. It was fun to be back in the real world. So many different cultures, people, buildings. There is so much LIFE in the city!

Bye Bye New York!

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